Dan Hanna

Name: Dan Hanna
Joined Wolves: October 2008
How did you hear about club? I was the team’s bartender.
Why did you join the club? As a combat veteran I had an instant connection to the founders.
Favorite memory with the club? Winning the 2012 NACB Jr. C Championship.
Most embarassing moment with the club? Trying the pick the ball off sand, getting chopped by Mikhael (he’ll deny), having the handle of my own hurl jam into my thigh and send me head over heals.
Greatest achievement with club? 2012 MVP
Why should you be on starting panel? Experience; knowing when it is strictly necessary to smash some one.
Pre match ritual? Go hard in the warm up, deep breaths just before the throw in.
Favorite Training Drill: Maden’s
What was the best Wolves match you played and why? At Wexford 2015, the Wolves highest grade win.
Favorite GAA player of all time? Christy Ring, the Tom Brady of hurling.
Which GAA county team do you root for? Killkenny
How do you train outside the regular wolves training. Crossfit
Your nickname and why? Danny Hands, because I can catch the ball.