Sean Naughton

Name: Sean Naughton
Joined Wolves: 2012
How did you hear about club? Christmas morning 2011, Santa left the Naughton brothers two hurley’s and registrations under the tree. 
Why did you join the club? Many reasons really: for the love of sport, competition, and club camaraderie; tired of soft men’s leagues; embrace the challenge of learning new skills; to follow in the footsteps of my Irish ancestors and prove that Kerrymen can hurl 
Favorite memory with the club? Road trip to Clevend for 2013 nationals
Most embarassing moment with the club? Crawling to the sideline during a match after both calves locked up at the same time
Greatest achievement with club? Being chosen as captain, winning 2012 Junior C National Title
Why should you be on starting panel? Because bribing the selectors never fails
Pre match ritual? Irish Times
Favorite Training Drill: Hitting points until my hands bleed
What was the best Wolves match you played and why? My first ever match because I had no idea what I was doing
Favorite GAA player of all time? Richie Hogan
Which GAA county team do you root for? Dublin
Best GAA match you ever saw? Anytime there is an All-Ireland Final replay
How do you train outside the regular wolves training. Magners
Favorite workout?
Gymnastic Rings